Ted Schepper, P.E., Principal

Registered Professional Engineer in Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Mr. Schepper has over 25 years of geotechnical engineering experience and has provided construction and design recommendations for virtually all types of civil projects.He has conducted studies for bridge construction and expansion projects, as well as large commercial and industrial complexes over soft ground involving pile foundations, instrumentation, and settlement evaluation. He has also conducted studies and incorporated both conventional soldier piling and soil nailing shoring designs for high-rise structures with deep lower-level excavations.

Over his career, Mr. Schepper has developed a complete understanding of drainage characteristics, including stream channel and surface erosion, groundwater flow, piping potential, and sedimentation. He has a thorough working knowledge of ASTM and AASHTO testing procedures and requirements for evaluating soil characteristics such as grain size, consistency, unit weight, shear strength, deformation, and permeability


  Project Manager

Chuck R. Lie, L.E.G, L.H.G

Licensed Engineering Geologist and Hydro Geologist in Washington, Mr. Lie has 30 years professional and technical experience in geo-environmental engineering, hydrogeology, and environmental geology. His experience spans the Pacific Northwest, extending into Oregon, Montana, California, and Alaska. Mr. Lie has a broad background in performing assessments of environmental impacts of large projects, such as gravel pits and large residential developments. He has extensive health and safety training to work on hazardous material sites, including Level B personnel protection experience. Mr. Lie has broad experience in site sampling procedures that provide meaningful and representative samples from a variety of hydro geologic and geologic conditions. He is a licensed UST site assessor in Washington State.

Mr. Lie has a wide range of experience performing site evaluations on contaminated lands and is very knowledgeable of sample management protocols. He has worked in landfill environments and on industrial sites, PCB-contaminated properties, and hydrocarbon-contaminated sites. He has been involved in several long-term groundwater quality studies and in the planning and construction of water supply wells.

Mr. Lie has managed numerous hydrocarbon contaminated sites and coordinated final site closure with the Washington State Department of Ecology. His experience with urban properties ranges from the typical corner gasoline stations to large commercial facilities with multiple tank farms. He has evaluated and developed many alternative procedures for remediation of gasoline, oil, and diesel contaminated soils. Mr. Lie is familiar with the historic research resources that allow a coherent reconstruction of a site history. The understanding of a site's history allows a focused assessments to be performed.